Totle Now Supports Aave’s Interest-Earning aTokens!

You can now earn interest with aTokens through Totle with zero slippage.


Aave’s aTokens are now live on Totle!

aTokens are ERC-20 tokens that represent funds contributed to Aave’s lending pools. By holding an aToken in your wallet, you passively earn interest on your funds.

Aave has borrowing/lending markets for numerous popular ERC-20 tokens with varying interest rates. See a full list in the image below:

With Totle, aTokens can be purchased directly with any supported ERC-20 and at the best pricing available on the DeFi market. Totle will automatically handle any intermediate swaps necessary for you to acquire aTokens.

Additionally, we’ve done a deep integration with Aave. This means that when aTokens are traded through Totle, they are minted and burned directly through Aave. This enables Totle to offer aToken swaps with zero slippage.

To purchase aTokens on Totle Swap, simply connect a wallet, select the token you want to swap and the aToken you want to receive, and automatically get the best pricing available on the decentralized exchange market.

What Would You Like to See on Totle Next?

Build aToken swaps and payments into your dApp: Totle Dev Portal

Totle is a decentralized liquidity aggregator that automatically acquires users the best pricing available for ETH and ERC-20 swaps.

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