The Vision for AXIS — The Future of Open Finance


DeFi, short for“Decentralized Finance”, is the concept that the traditional financial instruments can be recreated in a way that’s totally outside the control of central parties, such as governments and banks. You, as the individual, should have full control of your assets as it’s your hard earned money, and you can do this in a secure matter because of blockchain technology.

With so much capital and attention, many copycat projects have started to emerge on the market. Investors are smart — they want to see something different. And that’s what’s so refreshing about this project.

We’re not talking about another DeFi dApp being built on top of Ethereum. We’re building the FIRST native chain dedicated to DeFi.

The Vision

We believe finance should be open, inclusive and accessible for everyone. This is why we have named this project “AXIS”, which stands for open access.

What we’re building is the future of open finance. Information wants to be free, and that was made possible by the invention of the internet. Well, value also wants to be free. That’s what blockchain, and in particular, DeFi is able to bring.

  • Imagine if anyone with a smartphone can access the same financial services we enjoy.
  • Imagine if the sophisticated Wall Street trading capabilities (that enabled the gigantic over-the-counter derivatives market amounting to USD$700+ trillion) are now programmable codes that will self-execute on the blockchain.
  • Imagine if anyone with a smartphone can issue complex derivative instruments, can provide liquidity to anyone in the world and earn interest, and can conduct trading seamlessly between real world assets and cryptocurrencies.

How wildly exciting is this new world to live in?

So, to put it in a single vision statement:

These are the things that get us excited. These are the things we’re building with AXIS. Come ride this rocketship with us.



What do you think?


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