The Force Protocol Launches the Bug Bounty Program with a Maximum Bounty of 6000USDT

The Force Protocol

The SlowMist Technology team’s code security audit of ForTube Bond has all completed. The code audit results show that Fortube Bond has passed the SlowMist Technology security audit, and the developers of the Force Protocol have security awareness.

The ForTube development team believes that there are always code vulnerabilities in the system and opportunities to induce hacking. If so, why not use the power of hackers to find and fix these problems directly? ForTube developers hope that bug bounty hunters will find and report bugs in the ForTube Bond system.

The bounty program was launched on June 4, 2020, and the vulnerability levels are classified into Extremely Severe, Severe, Moderate, Mild, and other. During the ForTube bounty program, the maximum reward amount for confirmed bugs is 6000USDT. The specific vulnerability level bounty program is as follows:

Program Rules:

1. Participants need to submit the vulnerability description to by email. The email title is a brief description of the vulnerability. The email content is a detailed description of the vulnerability, which elaborates reproduction steps.

2. When duplicates occur, we only award the first submission that was received, which is subject to the timestamp of the email.

3. Participants of the ForTube project, including but not limited to products, development, testing, and operations, are not allowed to participate in this program.

4. The participants will lose the qualification to receive rewards if describing the vulnerability to any third party or exposing the vulnerability to an unspecified target party at any time before ForTube officially fixes this vulnerability and deploys it in a production environment.

5. Please respect the spirit and culture of hackers. Practice in a modest manner when verifying and reproducing vulnerabilities to minimize damage to the system.

6. The ForTube team reserves the right to make final decisions on vulnerability descriptions, amount of rewards and other terms, and has the final interpretation of all program rules.



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