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How iMe Platform’s Neurobots Help Assess Financial Capability Before Lending, Borrowing, and Investing.

We analyze people through their past behaviors. If they have shown tendencies of infidelity in the past, chances are, they will cheat again. At least to be on the safe side, it is recommended to not get involved with the person.

The same goes for financial relationships.

Monetary, business, and credit transactions are always founded on trust. You would take advice from a few people before you decide to lend money to a person, borrow money from him, invest in his business, or make him an investor, even. You will dig out reviews online, assess the goodwill and reputation, and make a vague mental analysis of his financial status to estimate whether the transaction is going to turn out profitable for you.

The iMe platform, with its powerful and agile AI-powered neurobots, has the ability to transform the DeFi ecosystem by helping both lenders and borrowers to gauge the financial status and stability of the opposite party, thereby making monetary transactions very safe.


Let’s take a look at how AI neurobots pave the way for a new era of smart transactions on the iMe platform.

How iMe Platform Facilitates a Safe and Secure DeFi Ecosystem

DeFi transactions are gaining momentum with each passing day and iMe Messenger is keeping up with the trend. The platform will now enable users to purchase, sell, and transfer cryptocurrencies on the messenger’s in-built secure wallet.

Apart from the fact that users will be able to also buy, sell, or rent neurobots on the platform, we have also integrated a state-of-the-art secure wallet that uses cutting-edge security architecture technology on the platform that will allow users to store their crypto assets.

Make Sense of Your Prospect’s Financial Eligibility

Since DeFi exchanges lack a central authority to monitor the transactions, the system is more or less operating on trust. However, on the iMe platform, the system has been designed in a manner that it fills in and verifies the identity of users and the authenticity of transactions.

A bank assesses your previous payment details and credit score before lending you money. Does iMe have a similar mechanism in place?

Yes, and the verification system is better, smarter, and more reliable!

Before deciding to invest, lend, or borrow, you may assess the history of a candidate based on certain desired keywords.

“I am a little behind on my EMI’s, but I would really love to invest in some Bitcoin now.”

“Salaries are due tomorrow, but I won’t receive payment from the client till next month, how am I gonna pay them?

“..an urgent need to increase the deposit because of margin-call. But I don’t want to sell the remaining assets for a pittance..”

“My landlord is a bit upset about the missed payments, I should find some way to evade him..”

These examples explicitly show that such a user is likely to default on payments. While the ways in which the neuronet might work is limitless in its scope, it is still in the realm of possibilities on how we can utilize neurobots for scoring. But the above example serves as a starting point for how a robust and reliable scoring system may be developed in the future.

The Way Forward

Whereas banks assess your financial records, AI-enabled neurobots on iMe Messenger will scan through previous conversations to get an understanding of an individual’s spending, financial stability, and paying capacity.

We are in the process of developing the system that will transform how DeFi transactions are done and time will show how powerful a system we can develop, as the opportunities from an AI-powered neurobot driven ecosystem will have many facets and aspects that is difficult (yet, exciting) to fathom. But we are as thrilled as you are as to what this technology can bring to the table.

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