Stake with the EOSOptions DSP, Earn DAPP and Help Grow the Most Promising Derivatives Exchange in…

Stake with us and earn cryptocurrency while supporting EOSOptions, which is by far the fastest derivatives DEX in DeFi. EOSOptions’ spot prices are sent to the smart contract on average every 15 seconds using LiquidOracles from the DAPP Network.

Staking is a process where users earn rewards holding cryptocurrency tokens. Staking lets you earn by supporting the operations of a cryptocurrency network. When you stake tokens, you make the underlying blockchain more secure and in return you get rewarded with more cryptocurrency.

By staking with EOSOptions DSP you get to support DeFi innovation while earning DAPP. EOSOptions will payout 80% of the inflation rewards to those who stake with EOSOptions.

In addition, when EOSOptions goes live on the EOS main-net, a proportion of commissions generated will flow pro-rata into the rebate pool, i.e. in addition to DAPP tokens, stakeholders will receive USD stablecoins and EOS generated from the platform’s commissions.

We will announce the exact commission payout structure prior to going live to mainnet

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login into your EOS main-net account with preferred wallet using link in upper right of page

Step 3: Search for the rebates1 package from eosoptiondsp using the package tab

Step 4: Click “stake” and follow instructions to stake desired amount (note: you must stake an amount greater than or equal to 50k DAPP)

Step 5: Click the Blue “Stake” button and sign the transaction

If everything went well you will receive a link to the successful transaction. You can manage your stake in the “Stakes” tab including staking more or unstaking tokens.

Rewards are paid out daily at approximately 8:00 pm UTC time.

Please allow up to 24 hours for staking/unstaking to complete.

Want to try out EOSOptions? Become a Beta tester of on Kylin

For detailed information on EOSOptions, check out the full Whitepaper + Roadmap



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