SlowMist Technology Released the Security Audit Results of ForTube Smart Contract: Security

The Force Protocol

SlowMist Technology officially released the security audit report on ForTube Bond. The ForTube smart contract project has successfully passed the comprehensive formal security audit provided by SlowMist Technology.

On May 14, 2020, the SlowMist security team received the ForTube team’s security audit application for ForTube2.0_Bond and adopted the strategy of “white box lead, black, grey box assists” to conduct a complete security test on the project in the way closest to the real attack.

The security audit process for the smart contract includes two steps:

  • Smart contract codes are scanned/tested for commonly known and more specific vulnerabilities using public and in-house automated analysis tools.
  • Manual audit of the codes for security issues. The contracts are manually analyzed to look for any potential problems.

The conclusion of this security audit is that the ForTube Bond smart contract has passed the security audit of SlowMist Technology. The audit results believe that the ForTube Bond smart contract has a solid structure and there are no known vulnerabilities that can cause security risks.

The full report from SlowMist Technology is as follows:



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