Roadmap | New Advisor + AMA

BONK Token

The roadmap is here!

I’m proud to release the BONK roadmap, which I hope will give everyone a solid timeline on things to come.

You can view the BONK roadmap through this link:

We’ll be adding this to the current website soon & we’re also adding a FAQ section this weekend too. I think that the current website needs a lot more definition for what we’re trying to do.

I’m thrilled to announce that Jay Hay is now an official advisor for BONK. Jay has a background in business & finance with 10 years worth of experience. If you’ve been in the crypto space, then chances are you’ve come in contact with him. Jay will be keeping his personal identity anonymous, for now. We do plan on revealing more members as we go along & not all of them are anonymous. Some of them need some updated glamour shots for the website.

BONK is also excited for another Telegram AMA with BCCore: , a group with over 12.5K members strong @ 7AM GMT+7, August 2nd. This will be our 3rd AMA since BONKs launch.

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