PROXI Litepaper is Now LIVE


The PROXI team is proud to announce that we’ve published our Litepaper!

We are excited to share the mission of PROXI’s revolutionary DeFi technology with our community.

In this litepaper, you will find a brief overview of DeFi and synthetic assets, as well as an explanation of PROXI’s architecture. With the DeFi landscape being new, our litepaper also outlines current risks within the market and PROXI’s risk mitigation strategies.

PROXI provides the smartest way to stake, issue, and invest derivative assets without limits through the secure and decentralized protocol. Through user governance, PROXI provides users with revolutionary and risk minimized financial products.

We are excited for everyone to join the PROXI community! Read our litepaper below:

For more information on PROXI, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Telegram for our latest updates!


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