Pionex Review — Exchange With Crypto Trading Bot

Pionex is the first one that brought GRID Bot (Grid Trading Bot) into the crypto world and made it well-known to crypto traders all over the world. Even 3Commas, Bitsgap, TradeSanta, and other crypto trading bot platforms follow the UI/UX of Pionex GRID Bots.

  • STEP 1 — Deposit some funds in your Pionex account
  • STEP 2 — Choose a Trading Pair and Set the Parameter for GRID Bot

There’re two modes for using a GRID Bot. If you’re new to the GRID Bot, you can use the AI Strategy to set up your GRID Bot. You’re also allowed to set up your own strategy for using Set Myself mode.

How the “AI Strategy” Mode of the Grid Bot Works

  1. The bot estimates the coin volatility over the past seven days. Based on this, the bot establishes the upper and lower values of the channel or range for inner swing trading.
  2. The Grid Bot then splits the amount allocated to your chosen trading pair. It sets up a grid of limit buy and sell orders within the selected channel. Thus, as soon as the price reaches one of the lines above the current price, the bot will sell X, taking profits in Y. When the price goes down — it will buy Y. And so on infinitely, while the price remains within the channel.

How the Grid Bot Works in Set Myself Mode

In the Set Myself mode, you can independently adjust the price range, the number of grids, and the distance between them. These adjustments will allow you to improve the strategy with the appropriate knowledge. When working in the manual mode of the Grid Bot, remember that the minimum distance between grids must be greater than the size of the commission multiplied by two (fees for sale and purchase) for the bot to trade in profit.

  • STEP 3 — Check the Performance Every Day

Pionex provides comprehensive data about the performance of your GRID Bot. With the GRID Bot data, it’s easy for crypto traders to check the performance.

Pionex has the best UI/UX for their mobile App among all the Crypto Trading Bot Platforms. They always follow the mobile-first rule, which they released the new features on the mobile App before the website. Checking their app update on App Annie, the most well-known mobile performance data company worldwide, lots of updates for their App with new features. 6 versions in April, and 5 till now in May!

Download Pionex App >

The team behind the Pionex Exchange is the BitUniverse team. BitUniverse is an all-in-one crypto auto-portfolio and trading bot App and the most popular crypto portfolio App in South Korea, Indonesian, and Taiwan.

Regulated in Singapore and the United State

Pionex has granted by the U.S. FinCEN’s MSB (Money Services Business) License. It’s the same license that Binance, Huobi, and multiple top exchanges applied. Pionex is the first cryptocurrency exchange with in-built trading bots that granted by the U.S. license.

If you’re a crypto trader who loves using crypto trading bots, Pionex will be your first choice. Don’t hassle with the API Keys and the unstable performance of the API keys. Move to Pionex and start using its in-built automated trading bots. The fees are the lowest compared to all the other exchanges, which save you tons of profit while using the bot.

Pionex team believes mobile-first, so the update for website UI/UX might be a bit late compared to its mobile App. If you prefer trading from your desktop, you should take a note on this part.

If you’re new to the automated trading bot, come and visit Pionex! Don’t have to pay for the expensive subscription fees for the bot services. 9 different crypto bots were provided on the Pionex Exchange. Start using it and tweaking it to fit your trading style.


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