NuoScan — Don’t Trust, Just Verify

NuoScan is a one-stop directory to view all the analytics related to trades, loans, reserves and other transactions on The goal is to provide users with all the means possible to transparently track activities on!

The overview of real-time data on NuoScan

NuoScan is the outcome of our team’s conviction to build a platform as intuitive as possible for users to seamlessly navigate through the graphs and get insights on desired data points.

In the product, we have provided a multitude of features to make the analysis as precise and easy as possible.


On the dashboard, you can toggle and explore the general trends available in the Home, Reserves, Loans, Trades and TokenPrice section.

  • In “Home”, you have a high-level overview of the Nuo platform like Loans taken, Reserve created, Trades created, Interest generated, user signups, meta transactions, and all the recent transactions are generated on Nuo.
  • In “Reserves”, you have the data points of how many reserve orders were created with volume, Reserve utilization, Premium Earned and Transaction history of the Reserves created on Nuo.
  • In “Trade”, you can access all the trade histories, trade value, trade count, average initial leverage and an average trade amount
  • In “Loans”, you can check the Loan value generated along with Loan count, amount available, Average loan amount and all past Loan transactions
  • In “TokenPrice” Track all the token prices available on Nuo. Use token selector and date range picker to track token price behavior

By order ID:

  • Trade: Order details along with the trend of Exit & Entry price and link of Etherscan for cross reference
  • Loan: Loan currency, collateral currency trend and order data
  • Reserve: Reserve currency wrt primary fiat currency trends, along with order data

By transaction hash:

  • Transaction data like block number, timestamp and invoker address
  • All data points associated with the order

To help you analyze data more efficiently, we have interactive graphs to aid your understanding. In the graphs you can:

  • Use the filter of date range
  • Choose a particular token to represent the data
  • Get aggregated data by choosing the ‘Show Total’ option
Custom timelines and token selection overview

Wait! Did we tell you that there’s Dark mode too?

The Dark Mode

Pretty cool, right? Go check it out —!

And let us know what you think about this feature on Product Hunt!


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