Fellow ETH LimiteD users,

Nowadays, the number of tokens distributed through the Swap to Staking program has nearly reached the pre-announced circulation, according to Token metrics. Therefore, we will start to close the swap soon since this announcement has been sent. Many thanks for your support during this time period to bring such a success to the project.

In order to meet the needs of owning ELD of users, as well as the large demand for participation in the users’ Staking system, we will support users to exchange ELD through international as well as local and regional mainstream OTC channels. Please notice, the ETH LimiteD diverse ecosystem only accepts the currency of ELD, so take your time to own the ELD token to become part of this ecosystem.

Moreover, we have a big surprise for you. Those who hodl ELD Token are also the hodlers of shares of the whole ETH LimiteD ecosystem. Through our periodic financial statements, all information about the profit gained from the ecosystem will be released, thereby determining the income of ELD Token hodlers. We are very honored to have you accompany during the development of the ETH LimiteD ecosystem. We believe that a significantly growing community at the time being, together with a diverse ecosystem will meet the needs of users, ensure compliance with the slogan — “The Most Advanced Ecosystem in Blockchain World Where you get all-in-one”, we will lead the development and bring tremendous returns to investors.

Please notice, the ELD Exchange product will soon be launched with the expectation to be an ideal place for all traders around the world in general, and for ETH LimiteD users in particular. At that time, the price of ELD Token will be decided completely by the secondary market.

Yours faithfully.

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Zap July Update 2020

I’m really impressed with what the team has been able to achieve in a short space of time.