MYX Network Staking Guide

MYX Network Staking Guide

How to buy and stake MYX

A Step by Step guide to staking $MYX

If you want to stake MYX Network Token, please follow these simple steps. Passive income has never been so simple and accessible.

What to know before staking:

  • There is a 100 MYX minimum to stake and must be maintained to earn staking rewards.
  • There are no staking lock/freeze waiting period.
  • Staking can be done via the official Wallet interface or if you have knowledge interacting with the contract you can do so in Remix or Etherscan.

What is required?

  • MYX Network Tokens (100 MYX minimum for staking)
  • Metamask (Download at
  • Ethereum to process your transactions

Burn Rate

  • 5% burn rate on every transfer
  • 2.5% of the 5% is distributed proportionately in staking rewards for HODLers who stake their tokens
  • 5% Tax for unstaking tokens. The 5% is then distributed between all remaining stakers.

1. Purchase MYX from Uniswap

2. Visit and Load the MYX Network Token Web Wallet

3. Connect Metamask to the official MYX Web Wallet

4. Stake Tokens

  • Type in the number of tokens that you would like to stake
  • Click “Stake”
  • When MetaMask loads, set your gas or leave the amount that auto appears and click “Confirm”
    Note: Gas was high on the Ethereum network during the making of this tutorial.

5. Rewards

  • When MetaMask has completed the transaction you will be able to see your staking rewards in real time.
  • Click “Withdraw Rewards” to collect your earnings and store them in your wallet.


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