Month in Review: May

Sandu Gisca

Welcome to Month in Review, where the team behind STASIS and EURS shares our updates from the past month, as well as some thoughts on key issues for the stablecoin space.

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The days are stretching to eternity, and the nights are getting warm, reminding that the summer is here now. Things are getting hot in the crypto field as well. The last month of spring was unexpectedly lucrative for exciting news. Bitcoin underwent a halving for the third time in its history, a highly-expected TON project is left for dead by its team as Telegram loses the legal battle to SEC, and the Digital Dollar initiative is now one step closer to reality with the project’s whitepaper introduction.

Digitization is growing further as Consensus and many other high-profile crypto meetups and top event platforms are shifting online (and that may be the first sign of a hard goodbye to costly traditional meetings and exorbitant catering and show spendings). Some companies like Twitter allowed it’s employees to stay home and work remotely till the end of the year (a possible constant option in 2021 and beyond). From a global perspective, the questionable effectiveness of everything that can be done remotely, and performed online proved to be a prejudice. What was a distant perspective some time ago, had now become an evident reality — our life is all about online now.

The Bitcoin continued it’s an onslaught on the 10K milestone, but the asset price is jumping up and down like the sport car on the bumpy road. The miracles don’t happen overnight, but we’re sure that the #1 digital asset price will eventually grow along with the crypto acceptance. For now, more and more people rely on it to shelter from the century’s worst crisis scenario and global banking monopoly.

We see that the world population is becoming more excited about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and the opportunity to get fast profit is not the primary driver that incentives new market players. The benefits of using cryptocurrencies became more evident, but the real chance to get people into this field was not available for a long time. The simplification of user interfaces makes it easier for mainstream users to engage in the crypto community, a unique and exciting society of its own, slowly unraveling its potential in the monopolized world full of outdated laws, policies and systems.

Meanwhile, the STASIS team redefines and simplifies the way cryptocurrencies can be purchased and used as we offer the cheapest on-ramp in digital assets by card, available through open API.

Starting May, you can purchase an unlimited amount of EURS by card*: at a cost of 1.5% for cards issued in the EU zone and at the cost of 3.5% — in other countries. Also, purchases by SEPA wire can be conducted with 0 fees! We would like to remind you that selling EURS for Euro is always available at the cost of 0.1%/50 Euro cap.

*to buy more than 250 EURS, please apply for KYC here.

Moreover, to celebrate the launch of the EURS “purchase by card” option, STASIS launched a special contest — a giveaway of 1000 EURS as rewards among users who will first try out the service. To know more, check out a set of rules here. Don’t miss out on a chance to win extra EURS! During the last week of the contest, we’ve prepared additional prizes: 5 random users will be rewarded if we reach 1000 retweets.

We worked hard to establish a bridge between the company’s products and people in the various parts of the world, unraveling the potential of our digital asset and wallet app. STASIS marketing team managed to expand our global outreach significantly, as more digital communities have been established to provide support for local markets. Our socials now connect a whopping number of more than 40,000 people throughout the globe with a single purpose — to get a better crypto experience. More than 8000 new members across the world — from Brazil to Indonesia — have joined the STASIS community during the last month: in the Telegram community, Twitter and Facebook. Join our global network to climb the learning curve in crypto today.

  • EURS has been listed on Indonesia’s largest exchange — Indodax. We have already recognized an opportunity in the country’s market, and the local community shows high demand for our digital asset.
  • Uniswap V2, the second iteration of the Uniswap protocol for trading and automated liquidity provision, has been deployed to the Ethereum mainnet. EURS is now available with the following trading pairs: EURS/USDT , EURS/USDC and ETH/EURS. Check more info at
  • Elliptic, a company that enables financial institutions and cryptocurrency businesses to manage risk on the blockchain and the global standard in AML crypto compliance, launched support for EURS in its compliance tools!

May was rich in the news. As always, we’ve selected and highlighted the most important ones:

  • The European Central Bank stated that global stablecoins require a clear regulatory structure before approval;
  • The major crypto event, Consensus: Distributed, launched virtually this year, with ECB board member Yves Mersch discussing central bank digital currencies;
  • Austrian Bank Raiffeisen Bank International is extending collaboration with Polish-British fintech Billion for a new form of DLT-based national currency tokenization;
  • Meanwhile, the French central bank has announced the first succesful test of a digital euro.
  • And finally, the really cool news often comes last. The U.S. think tank working towards a digitized dollar has released a white paper, laying out the groundwork, dealing goals and use cases for a national CBDC.

In May, Gregory published another interesting article, which was quoted by many well-established companies.

The COVID-19 pandemic is making cash-based societies all over the world sink into oblivion with the help of decentralized technologies. From Cash to Crypto: COVID-19 is Changing the Way the World Sees Money tells an exciting story of how the pandemic impacted the world and its consequences, culminating in the theory that digital asset domination is imminent.

We’re sure that the Internet is full of exciting videos. Still, one thing you don’t want to miss out is an “expertise” video about STASIS and CEO Gregory Klumov’s role in the cryptocurrency industry and stablecoin field which serves our ultimate goal — to help decision-makers climb the learning curve in E-money 2.0.

We hope that you’ve made it down here — and it means that we do our job well. Stay tuned to our channels to know more about STASIS in the next month — summer 2020 promises to be a hot ride in crypto!


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