MFT Airdrop Update: Introducing Balancer Pool Incentives

Today we are excited to announce that in addition to increasing the amount of MFT we airdrop each week, we are expanding our airdrop campaign to include Balancer pools!

Airdropping 1 Million MFT Per Week

Thank you to all of our community members who have contributed liquidity so far. We are increasing the amount we airdrop to 1 million MFT per week. Rewards are distributed based on your proportional MFT liquidity volume across all eligible liquidity pools.

Balancer Pool Incentives

Balancer pools are eligible for MFT Airdrops! Balancer is an exciting new DeFi protocol, worth learning about. For help getting started on Balancer, check out their documentation here. You may even earn some $BAL along the way.


The weekly 1 million MFT will is split between the top two liquidity pools on both Uniswap and Balancer. That means that more than just the MFT/DAI pools will qualify for rewards. Extending the campaign beyond just MFT/DAI was our number one request from members of the community.

Need help? Join our discord server and chat with the team. We’ve recently changed our Telegram to an announcement only channel.


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