Madbyte News — August 1, 2020


One Bitcoin, as of the writing of this newsletter, is worth over $11,000 USD. It is only the second time in history that it has closed the month over that. This past month also saw a surge in the value of several alt coins. The news of Cardano (ADA) releasing a hard fork has caused it to push to new YTD highs. The large amounts of money going into DeFi (decentralized finance), mainly being built on the Ethereum blockchain, are in turn giving high returns to related tokens. ETH (Ethereum’s gas) itself has gone up in value by about 25–30% in July. Since this bullish upward swing has started, many in the crypto community have turned bullish. How will August fare?

Madbyte token, MADX, is now available on the Saturn Exchange. It is an DEX (decentralized exchange). Visit or you can access the same DEX with MADX/ETH pairing via our own domain:

Our trading area called MadTrade, in the members platform, will now be open to all tiers to use. The buy and sell order expiry times have been extended for all tiers. If you are looking for a more traditional exchange than a DEX or what our platform offers, try

All MadcapX members are now able to buy BTC and other cryptos directly using fiat money such as USD, EURO or CAD. The BTC purchase defaults directly to your MadVault wallet though you can change the address and have the Bitcoin sent to any BTC wallet address. The transactions are secure and are handled by Transak.

New to Madbyte? Signup on, login and go to your profile to add some more info to your profile. When you save, you will get 1 MADX token as a new user, which automatically makes you a tier one level member. You are now able to use our trading platform to buy more MADX and move to a higher tier level.

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