Introducing Trustless Fund

Kaden Zipfel

Trustless Fund is an advanced time-lock for ETH and ERC-20 assets. Using Trustless Fund, you can lock in the time-value of your money. In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s to come for Trustless Fund beta.

0% Fees

Though this may be subject to change, Trustless Fund does not plan to charge any fees to use the service whatsoever.


Funds are 100% held by smart contracts. We couldn’t touch them even if we tried.

Unlimited Funds

Easily manage as many funds as you like with several beneficiaries.

Lock Period Increases

If you decide you want to keep your funds locked for longer, you can always increase the time until expiration as much as you’d like.

In The Pipeline

Trustless Fund is excited to explore the possibility of time-locked assets. In v2 we look forward to experimenting with things like: preset portfolio allocations, beneficiary management, fund balancing, and trading of locked assets.

The extent of the novel applications of time-locked assets is yet to be explored, but here are a few examples.


Want to show friends and family the time-value of crypto-assets? Lock up some interest bearing tokens as a birthday gift so they can get a nice surprise for the next birthday.


Saving up for something? Lock up some interest bearing tokens so you can’t cheat.


Think your portfolio will rise astronomically in the next 10 years? Lock up your tokens to prevent your weak hands from getting the best of you. You can always add to your fund or increase the expiration date anytime.


Want to earn passive income on interest bearing tokens? Lock up some rDai and have the interest paid directly to your wallet.


Want to hold your employees accountable? Lock up funds to give them the rights to assets over time.

Time-locks may be a simple concept, but the list of novel use cases of this under-explored application may be endless. We look forward to exploring that list further.

If you’d like to support the development of Trustless Fund, you can donate as little as $1 through Gitcoin’s CLR Matching Round where your donation will be matched quadratically. We take security very seriously, and as such, all grant money will be used to pay for an audit so we can provide utmost protection of user funds.


What do you think?


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