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The ICON Foundation is officially putting out an RFP (Request for Proposal) to develop the Contribution Proposal System as outlined in the most recent paper. You can find a more specific outline of the UI/UX of the CPS here.

The work will involve smart contract development, backend development, and front-end development. The deadline for submissions for proposals is Friday, August 7th 11:59pm PST. Any proposal submitted after the deadline will not be considered. ICON will consider extending the deadline if only a small number of proposals are submitted.

Based on the discussion on the forum, Transaction fees in USD was too low. Therefore, the ICON Public Representatives began to increase the Step Price to reach a more reasonable transaction fee. More details can be found on this discussion at the forum.

At block height 21,789,395, the ICON Foundation submitted a Step Price Proposal to adjust the step price to 12,500,000,000 loop (0.00000000125 ICX). However, at block height 21,809,081, the proposal was passed and the step price changed to 1,258,425,417,728 loop (0.000001258425417728 ICX). This was the result of an issue with the core Governance contract, and more details about the issue and how it was solved can be found in the post-mortem:


The original design of the Step Price Proposal was to convert the value entered in the “Value” parameter to decimal. The Value parameter on the Network Proposal is generally designed to support the String format to process various types of proposals. Therefore, the Step Price Proposal was supposed to convert the input “String” to decimal. However, the Step Price Proposal converted the value to hexadecimal as opposed to decimal, resulting in a 1,258,425,417,728 loop proposal instead of the intended 12,500,000,000 loop.


ICON Foundation modified the Governance SCORE to add logic to identify both decimal and hexadecimal numbers to prevent this issue from happening again. ICX Station submitted a followup proposal after the Governance SCORE was updated. Main P-Reps approved this proposal and they are now at the intended level of transaction fees.

ICON Score Audit System is a smart contract audit system that makes it easy for SCORE developers to verify and deploy smart contracts to the ICON Network. This system allows SCORE developers in the ICON Network to automatically review and verify their smart contract and to pre-audit their smart contract prior to submitting to the auditors at ICON. Also, developers can deploy their smart contract to ICON Network via this system.

This system provides the following features:

  1. Smart contract self-audit
  2. Smart contract deployment
  3. E-mail notifications for the audit result


What do you think?


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