How Does Fear Control The Fight

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How Does Fear Control The Fight

When we find ourselves in a confrontation we did not intend to be in the attacker relies on the fact that we will submit to their demands.

Be it robbery or assault they want us to do what they say. They try to intimidate. They threaten harm. They show aggression.

They want us to fear them.

If we don’t submit to the fear they lose some of that control. If we defend ourselves that increases our chances of getting away.

When we learn simple skills that can be used in lots of situations it makes it easier to react when fear tries to take over.

We can do enough damage to open that opportunity to get away. Sometimes the confidence is enough to make the situation dissolve itself. If it doesn’t we have the skills to stop the threat.

If the threat is too great, maybe a knife or gun, compliance might be enough to get out of there. Maybe two attackers.

Awareness helps you know what can be so you can react appropriately. React quickly. Take them off guard. Escape!

Confident awareness can absolutely control fear?

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

When you are confident in what you do you have a better chance to control that fear. Take charge of the situation. React under pressure. The responsibility is yours. Choose to win.

For more information on simple skills

Be The One Who Goes Home


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