How Does Big Data Allow MargiX To Offer a Technologically Advanced Solution?

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Big Data is one of the top trending buzzwords on the internet these days and almost every big company that runs on extensive data is making use of this technology in one way or the other.

As the name suggests, it refers to the collection of an enormous amount of data, that could be in any form — which is generated as people use the internet for various purposes, thus giving an insight about several factors.

In the following text, we will explore how MargiX makes use of Big Data to facilitate the traders on our platform.

Quantitative Trading

The crypt industry is quite fast-paced now and people want to get things done as quickly as possible. Therefore, there is no time for extensive analysis where busy investors have to read lengthy blogs or watch videos. Instead, they just want to get a numerical representation or quantitative analysis of everything so their brains can get the concept in an instant.

For instance, instead of a 1500-word blog post or an hour-long video, it would be ideal to analyze the market data and simply show the market performance (w.r.t price changes) of two tokens and everyone can understand which one is performing better.

Risk Minimization

A higher probability of risk in crypto trades is one of the major reasons why people are hesitant at times. Therefore, organizations spend millions of dollars every year just to conduct R&D on finding better ways to minimize the risk for their clients.

In this regard, MargiX utilizes Big Data to provide an efficient solution. The algorithms analyze market data from an array of exchanges and other crypto platforms in the industry. Based on their predictions, traders can make better decisions.

To put it simply, the traders are prevented from playing blind with the help of a risk-minimizing approach.

Sentimental Analysis

Since the value of cryptocurrencies is highly dependent on speculations and interests of some major players in the industry, it is always a good idea to keep an eye on their public moves and statements to get an idea of the potential trends or happenings within the niche.

With the help of Big Data, MargiX performs extensive opinion mining as well and fetches the overall data representing the attitude of investors. This data is fed to our predictive models that are responsible for analyzing the scenario and rolling out intelligent predictions for the traders.

Therefore, apart from just aiding the traders who prefer going with the flow, we facilitate the significant others as well. With the help of these predictions, any trader who wants to go against the normal flow of the market (e.g. buy a token when everyone is selling), can easily do so by looking at the same analysis and predictions.


Let’s cut everything and come straight to the point — the human brain is an inefficient data processor, particularly when it comes to millions of bytes. Therefore, we have Big Data and other tools that do not only fetch the data from remote resources, but they can perform required operations on the data and extract meaningful information very quickly — all without an error!

This is also one of the primary reasons why many seasoned investors who know the perks of Big Data, specifically look for trading platforms that are running on this technology.

Better Security

Well, it may seem unjustified and ordinary to plenty of you, but the truth is — there is no boundary when it comes to Big Data. Just like it can help us in identifying the trends, it also plays a pivotal role in determining cybersecurity events across the Globe. This is an entirely new domain that deals with the collection of data from hundreds and thousands of resources and then evaluating whether a particular threat exists or not — it if does, the developers can tighten their firewalls and network way before the strike occurs.

From the user’s perspective, this feature of Big Data is what allows MargiX to keep your personal data (KYC), private credentials, keys, wallets, and assets secure on the network.

A Word…

So, it is very important to combine trading-specific use cases with Big Data to offer efficiency, robustness, and user-friendliness, and that is exactly what MargiX has done. The types of features we offer in this regard are not only beneficial for experienced traders, but even some of the least technical users can take advantage of our statistical representation, obtained through Big Data and related algorithms.

Apart from all these pros, one of our biggest perks is that the data analysis presented with the help of Big Data is free for everyone who signs up — there is no premium!


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