From Kids Cave to Kids Kash: Let’s get started


Blinded Cash, DigiCash, Bitcoin and Ethereum. This could be a simplified and summarized anecdote of cryptocurrency. The story is about technology, politics, decentralization and ‘new money’ but it lacks something tangible, and this is where we think KASH can fulfill a role.

KASH was conceived as an idea through the Kids Cave — a free trading community BullishKid created in early 2018. His mission was to create a community where new and veteran traders can learn and share their trading experiences.

We are traders, we love trading, and we want other traders to share experiences utilizing our dApps and helping them improve, have fun and more. KASH is the utility token and the ‘heartbeat’ of our ecosystem with which one can transact and earn within our applications.

We are not here to create fancy new protocols to solve the holy blockchain trilemma. We are not aiming to recreate what is already there, e.g. designing new ways to enable trillions of transactions per second, slashing, sharding nor uni-kernel implementations and so on.

Essentially: we are not here to solve tech-related problems within the blockchain space.

What we ARE here for, is to create a better user experience for traders. By developing and integrating tools, we plan to make the trading experience — for beginner and veteran traders alike — much more fun and rewarding. Our Trading App will be the perfect illustration of the change we want to see.

We want to find new ways to interact within the decentralized finance world that is opening before us, by providing unique applications anyone can use, immediately, and without the knowledge of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Anyone should be able to use our applications, whether you’re a new trader, a veteran trader or a professional trader.

From KASH with

From now we will try our very best to provide you with a regular update on Medium. The next article will be focused on the KASH founder, our community approach and the way we work and build.


KASH is live! That’s it. We launched a few days ago on Uniswap and we want to thank the community who have shown us tremendous support for the project thus far! KASH has shown great initial growth and we are only getting started. There is a long way to go but these are the steps undertaken thus far:

Wallet Details:

The Social Mining fund is used to reward users who provide value to the community. A maximum of 4% will be unlocked after one month, the rewards threshold is meant to decrease over time.

The Staking fund is locked in a decentralized staking smart-contract. Only to be released to stakers with a maximum cap of 5% per month. Decreasing by 0,1% every month.

The Team fund is locked during 6 months and until the project reaches a market cap of 1 million US dollars. After this important milestone and after 6 months, the tokens will start to gradually unlock.

The In-App Trading fund is used to pay profitable traders, increasing their portfolio within the App. The lost tokens are added to the Staking funds.

The Development fund is locked until further notice.

The Swap contract is used to keep the circulation supply in check. There will never be more than 21 million tokens circulating. Any circulating token on the SLP network has to be locked as an ERC20 token on the swap contract.

The initial circulating supply of KASH which is deployed on Uniswap as a liquidity pool is 5% or 1,050,000 KASH of a total supply of 21,000,000 KASH.

What now?

We have to iron out our staking contract details and the trading app Minimum Viable Product (MVP); those will be our most important upcoming milestones, and we have many more surprises we are eager to talk about! A lot of work has been put in KASH, and a lot more will be shared.


What do you think?


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