ForTube1.0 Version Opens Beta Test!

The Force Protocol

On March 27, 2020, ForTube1.0 version was officially released to the public.

Website for ForTube:

ForTube,which is researched and developed by technical staff for community development supported by TheForceProtocol, is a part of TheForceProtocol community ecology.

ForTube, as an open financial platform, aims to provide distributed financial services to individual and institutional users. It is an underlying architecture built on the basis of TheForceProtocol — Distributed Financial Protocol.

ForTube1.0 mainly provides decentralized cryptocurrency bond issuance and clearing services. Besides private equity and IXO, it can provides a new bond financing channel for high-quality blockchain projects as well as a new, safe and reliable investment channel for those cryptographic digital currency enthusiasts.

The ForTube1.0 available this time mainly consists of four modules: bond issuance, rating voting, bond investment and liquidation.

Bond issuance

All individuals or institutions (project parties, investment funds and other companies) holding encrypted digital currencies can apply for issuing bonds on ForTube. As long as they can fill in relevant token information and financing information, they will initiate the application. It only takes people a few minutes to complete the whole application process.

Rating voting

After they initiate the application, they will enter the rating voting link, which can be divided into professional rating and public rating. Professional rating is done by professional organizations in the field of crypto currency, such as the neutral rating agency, the compliance registered investment fund, business code audit company, industry experts, professional media companies and so on.

The professional rating in beta version is tentatively rated as The Force Protocol Foundation and the public rating is for all holders of FOR token. They can all take part in the voting. In order to take part in the voting process, they should pledge a certain amount of FOR and they will get corresponding incentives.

Bond investment and liquidation

Financing channels will be opened for bonds passing the rating voting process. All global investors can participate in it as long as they can meet regulations of laws of their countries. Mainland Chinese users are not allowed to invest in it at present.


During the duration of the bond, as long as risk control rules of ForTube Crypto Bond are triggered, corresponding settlement disposal will be done to fully protect investors’ equities. These processes will all be automatically done by the smart contracts. The platform has no right to intervene in the operation.

Due to the limited functions of ForTube1.0, we have planned and are now developing 2.0 Version which will have more functions and provide richer experiences. Here we can disclose the first draft of UI. You can guess what the new designs will be.

Here, we’d like to add one thing:

ForTube open financial platform is a kind of cryptocurrency financial test product which will not be used for business promotion and operation. No national legal tender currency businesses are involved and no entity enterprises can do financing operations on this platform. No individuals or institutions holding legal tender can make investment.

This platform has no entity operating team or company and will do no publicity or promotion. ForTube website and smart contract are built by The Force Protocol, so it does not belong to any company or entity and it does not aim to make profits. Only enthusiasts in the field of cryptocurrency assets can use it. Besides, mainland users of China can not use it.


What do you think?


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