Extended Q&A of Axie Infinity Sidechain Announcement


There were a lot of questions from the community, I’m just stitching them together for interested parties to read, enjoy. Huge thanks to Trung to take the time to answer all of these so crisply.

Q: Will we have to pay the gas for transfer to sidechain?
A: No, that’s unrealistic. We will do a hard fork to migrate existing Ethereum contracts and data (ownership and history for example) onto Ronin.

Q: Can Sky Mavis currently force transfer/burn our mainnet axies if they chose to (not that they ever would just a technical question brought on by the article)?
A: We will pause smart contracts on Ethereum Mainnet to prevent confusion and possible attack vectors.

Q: Can sidechain axies be sold on third party markets without being withdrawn to mainnet?
A: No. Though it will be possible in the future when the infrastructure is more developed and the chain evolves from a consortium chain into an open one. There are several approaches we are still researching: dPoS, zkRollup for example, but some aren’t good fits, while others take time to mature and to be adopted.

Q: Why are mainnet axies going to be banned from interacting with AI?
A: I think banning is just a wrong word to use here. We will pause Ethereum smart contracts to avoid confusion and migrate full data onto Ronin (though history there can only be replayed, archived and linked to the actual events on Ethereum). If anyone wants to bear the responsibility of developing games or products based on Ethereum data (and put the actual effort into it like we do), we might reconsider this. But we will only provide our games on Ronin for simplicity.

Q: I understood the benefit of blockchain gaming to primarily be that assets are owned on the mainnet (land on sidechain makes sense since land ownership is sort of a rental scenario in real life as well). Its possible to massage out all the kinks in a blockchain game to the point where it’s just a regular game, I’m thinking.
A: Our chain will be more open over time (i.e. allowing any one to participate eventually). Before that transition finishes, we are 100% serious with the transparency and immutability of data. For example, block explorer is a must.

Q: Hard fork so would our “old” axies continue to exist alongside ronin ones?
A: Yes but you cannot transfer, breed, grow your Axies (as in pausing the contracts).

Q: Community validations will help for sure, not easy to feel like blockchain if we have no community based validation. Economy is player owned on mainnet right now. Ethereum is more transparent than a side chain. Which incentives?
A: I think incentives are described in the article so I will just recap here: faster development speed and smoother user experience. On the other hand, we commit to at least the same level of transparency like what we have right now on Ethereum (we might even have it more).

Q: Interoperability is there now, axies are in games like 0x Will that be lost on sidechain?
A: It depends on the extra mile other teams want to go, technically it’s possible. Data on a sidechain could be considered like data on a shard (roughly speaking). However, first-party experiences (i.e. our games) must be good first (whether it’s gameplay or about user experience).

Q: Will we be able to withdraw ronin axies to mainnet on day one? Or is that a later on feature?
A: ERC-20 withdrawals and deposits are definitely possible on day 1, even right now. For NFTs it might be later.

Q: And why would withdrawn ronin axies be unable to interact with AI if that’s not too complex?
A: Technically everything is possible (we are on Ethereum right now, right?). Later on we think about Ethereum like a haven. If Ronin is transparent and secure, transferring assets back onto Ethereum is just for storage purposes mostly. In some of our approaches in research, zkRollup for example, roughly speaking, Ethereum will secure the sidechain at the same security level, without people having to monitor activities (unlike Plasma), so if that happens I don’t see any major reason why to withdraw back to Ethereum if it’s only about playing games.

Q: is it safe to say that the sidechain will be deployed before land play gets released?
A: Yea, time is ticking up and we have to move away from Loom (they are closing down their public dApp services). So a sidechain is a must for storing land assets and some elements of land gameplay (Project L!).


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