DeBank weekly Review[2020.3.16–2020.3.22]


DeBank team has improved the online Assets overview and Data last week,to improve the query experience of users.

Assets overview

DeBank adds five current popular DeFi applications to facilitate users to query more platform real-time asset information in one stop. Users can check the assets and annual interest rate of the following DeFi Dapps by entering the wallet address on DeBank, helping users maximize revenue and avoiding the risk of being liquidated.

In addition, user can learn from the operation mode of the wallet address user by inputting any Ethereum address and observing the interaction or transaction behavior of the user in these DeFi application scenarios.

These five added DeFi applications include:

Curve allows users to trade between stable coins such as Dai and USDC, with low slippage and lower fees specially designed for stable coins. The providers participating in the platform can help them earn transaction fees and lend assets on Compound and iearn. For the stable and low-risk users, it provides low slippage and low fees compared to other trading dapps. At the same time, the providers manage money while earning fees, Curve can one stop to meet your demands.

iearn is equivalent to an “automatic revenue consultant” integrating multiple protocols. Users will get the best revenue with the help of iearn, and no need for users to transfer assets, saving time and transaction fee. It’s a good choice for users who are not familiar with the DeFi application but have a need of earn interests.

Idle is a “fool” way to lend and earn interest. Users lend their assets in the platform, which will distribute their assets to different procotols according to the best interest rate in the market now, so as to help users earn interests. Users can withdraw your funds at any time, by the interests.

Pooltogether similar users buy a lottery ticket for investment, but different from the real lottery, as long as the user’s assets (DAI or USDC) are always in the pool, there will be a lottery opportunity (USDC/day and DAI/week for drawing). The bonus is provided by the interest earned by the pool, and every time will generate a lucky guy, the users who do not win the prize need not to worry about it. Users can get back their assets at any time. Users who want to bump into a big luck can try to join in.

TokenSets provide Robo Sets and Social Trading. Users can join according to the advantages of each strategies, then swap assets to Set to implement trading, and no matter which kind of strategy, will show easy and visual rebalancing criteria to help users understand the weight of the strategy and reduce the deviation benefits.

Robo Set is based on predefined rules encoded in smart contracts. When the market is subject to large fluctuations, the rebalancing mechanism is automatically triggered to readjust user assets.

The Social Trading is established to cope with complex and volatile market fluctuations that cannot be predefined by smart contracts. It has absorbed more top traders with years of experience in responding to market changes, and it is also a section that is more popular with TokenSets users and promoted by managers.

Each DeFi application has a unique design mode to help users get profits. DeBank summarizes the data of these Dapps, which is also to facilitate users to understand the real-time situation of the Dapp they use, so as to achieve the revenue goal.


In view of the previous liquidation events in MakerDao, DeBank added the Bankruptcy of MakerDao MCD under this section, which can view the total real-time amount of liquidation assets and make timely and effective judgments.

DeBank not only shows the total liquidation, but also summarizes the liquidation and bankruptcy of each dapp according to the time sequence, reflecting the market share and risk resistance ability of these dapps from the data level, providing a reliable basis for users to make decisions.

DaBank as a wallet that focuses on protecting the DeFi ecosystem, helps users track the DeFi applications, manages the DeFi assets, and provides real-time data. We will continue to develop the functions in the DeFi application and provide better experience for DeFi fans.

The official . Welcome to experience, if you have any questions or suggestions for us, you can contact via the official wechat, telegram or leave a message on twitter at any time.


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