DAG Platform Official Release – 2/14/2020

DAG(Digital Asset Ground) provides seamless crypto loan and investment services.

On February 14, 2020, we are officially releasing our flagship collateralized crypto loan and investment service, giving the market an opportunity to earn an enhanced profit without selling one’s crypto.

Our innovative crypto-based fin-tech product is built for BTC Hodlers who seek to grow their crypto portfolio through a leveraged investment strategy. In this primer, we will explain a short brief of how to use the product and benefits involved.

In order to obtain a seamless crypto loan, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for your DAG account at https://daground.io/
  • Deposit your crypto assets. DAG platform supports BTC and USDT ERC-20 (new major altcoins will be added on a regular basis).
  • Enable Google 2-Factor Authentication in ‘ Profile’ section.
  • Go to ‘My Service’ — ‘Loan’ menu where you will see the available loan amount, interest rate and maturity.
  • Request for a loan.

You can use the borrowed crypto asset in following ways:

  • Purchase another cryptocurrency which has drawn your attention for its high potential of short-term price increase.
  • Participate in a highly anticipated ICO / IEO
  • Deposit to other lending services where you can earn more yield income than your loan’s interest amount.
  • Convert to fiat currency in an exchange and withdraw cash.

Stay tuned to our official SNS channels and get tons of benefits exclusive for our early on-boarding members!


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