Cryptocurrency Development Analytics (2019/2020)

Holo and Lisk coins are the leaders here. From a 1 year period, almost ~6000 commits to master branch. This is around ~16 commits per day. This is a lot and it’s great to see that development is pushed hard on these coins.

You don’t see your coin on the list? This means either they don’t have a Github or there was no development on their repo in period of 1 year. This is a red flag for me.

Personally, I don’t give investment advice on which coin to invest. From my personal view, when I see some coin that gets pushed to the top 100, I always check their development work. If development is not driving that coin then I would not touch it. Take it this way: would you invest in Facebook if they stop with developing new features and bug fixes? Or would you invest in Uber if their app stops working because of location bug on the phone? Remember Software is never finished — it only gets abandon.

While there is a lot of data we can look at, this does not represent a real word experience what is going on. For example, each commit represents something — is it a Feature or Bug fix? Also, a lot of development happens in other branches (not only the master branch). Maybe, this is something we can look next time and compare which coins have most of the bug fixes and/or which coins are getting released much faster than others. Thoughts?


What do you think?


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