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BEAM GitHub metrics
Developer activity (from BEAM
  1. In last 7 days — 7
  2. In last 1 month — 12
  3. In last 3 months — 20
  4. In last 6 month — 23
  5. In last 1 year — 34

IMPORTANT: Before upgrading to 5.0 all Atomic Swaps need to be concluded or cancelled and all open Laser Beam channels need to be closed

This 5.0 (Eager Electron) release paves the way for Beam towards a confidential finance ecosystem, enabling multiple features in CLI that will be introduced later in UI wallets such as confidential assets, breaking linkability, and many others. After Beam blockchain reaches the block 777777 the upgrade to 5.0 is mandatory to access your funds.


  1. [miner, node] BeamHash III — the new, the great, and the last POW algorithm for Beam
  2. [cli] Break transactions linkability with Lelantus MW (for Beam and any CA)
  3. [cli] Non-interactive transactions
  4. [cli, api] Issue, burn and transfer Confidential Assets (disabled by default)


  1. [node] Added an option to manually specify preferred peers for rare edge cases
  2. [api] The number of confirmations is now available to the transaction sender and receiver
  3. [desktop wallet] Introduced new and more informative “failing” status for Atomic Swaps when the transaction is rolling back
  4. [desktop wallet] The default offer expiration for Atomic Swaps was extended from 30 minutes to 12h


  1. [desktop wallet] Wallet update notification will not be displayed if a wallet was… (surprise) already updated.
  2. [api] swap_offer_list command provides the list of offers as expected.


  1. [desktop wallet] Infrastructure change: the UI code was extracted to a separate repository to speed-up the development and QA process in the future

UX is always Beam priority and it is a result of the team effort. In this article, Sasha brings multiple examples of what they did during the last 1.5 years to create a holistically great customer experience across all the products. They build BEAM altogether: they start the ideation with the design team (with Alexandra Shelenkova and Dasha Tarakanova) move on with the dev and QA teams and of course, listen all along the road to the community ideas and suggestions (honestly, sometimes the discussions can become a bit heated, yet it’s always for the better good as every participant cares a lot about the success of the platform).

This article was inspired by some of the great ongoing discussions in the Beam Community telegram channel about BEAM Wallets’ usability. In the next article, Sasha Abramovich will describe features that are yet to come to BEAM.

  • Beam Testnet has forked at height 690000. First testnet coins landed in the Lelantus pool. Beam CTO Alex Romanov shared it in his recent Twitter post.
  • Raskul and team Beam are working to facilitate the decentralization of Beam network & appreciate if the miners do the same! Here you can find the output of the open-source pool software they released, mining a Beam block using new v5.0 (testnet) software.
  • Raskul also shared a quick how-to guide on creating Confidential Assets on Beam. Check it and get acquainted with the most exciting release of the month! (This guide utilizes the TESTNET of Beam, and any CA’s you create using this guide will hold ZERO value.)
  • Vsnation open-sourced the Market Maker bot for BEAM Atomic Swaps. Take a look and see how you can use it with the Beam wallet and swaps. Check the link for more info. He also shared a code of Beam Tip Bot. It is accessible via this link.
  • Beam 2020 Week #21 — Confidential Assets — Covering May 18th — May 24th 2020

[Confidential Assets]

The Hardfork is about to come, thus, in this report team Beam decided to give an overview of Confidential Assets. Confidential Assets (CA) will extend Beam and allow trading of additional kinds of assets on the Beam blockchain with the same scalability and confidentiality of the Mimblewimble protocol. Anyone will be able to issue their own CA, for a variety of different use cases. They can create Confidential Synthetics (commodities like gold, stable coins, and digital assets such as shares, stocks, and bonds, etc.), Confidential Wrapped Assets (BTC, ETH, etc.), and Community Coins/Tokens. Confidential Assets are an integral building block, laying the foundations for the Beam Confidential DeFi Infrastructure being built out.

[Research, Development, and Product]

Some more insight into the upcoming wallet release including Lelantus send and receive screens. Lelantus will increase Beams already phenomenal privacy, by massively increasing the anonymity set, breaking linkability, and making reconstructing a transaction graph near impossible.

The last month saw Beam in the top 5 most active Github Repositories. With 67 commits in the 20th week alone, only on the master branch, things are really heating up in anticipation of the upcoming Hard Fork.

The community was asked an important question regarding Confidential Assets, which will be activated in the upcoming Hard Fork, with integration in the GUI wallet to soon follow. Confidential Assets will benefit from the scalability, privacy, and usability that Beam benefits from. They will also be easily tradable via atomic swaps, with both Beam, and supported currencies, right from within the wallet. Not only do the Confidential Assets benefit from Beam’s already sensational features, but that introduced post-fork, and into the future. They will also open the doors for some incredible use cases to come to fruition. From Confidential Synthetics like gold, to digital assets like stocks, and bonds, to Confidential Wrapped Assets such as BTC and ETH, the possibilities are endless.

Range: 0.01 BEAM — 1000000000 Beam 😀

Weighted Average (with outliers removed): 3143.902439

[Research, Development, and Product]

The development team still hard at it, with the Eager Electron 5.0 release the last week. With the majority of the 5.0 work behind them, they are shifting focus to the 5.1 release that will integrate Lelantus Mimblewimble, Confidential Assets, and Non-interactive transactions into the GUI wallet.

  1. Research continues on the DeFi front, to identify the most important needs for outside developers, with a tool kit for Beam building in the works
  2. Beam GitHub has seen some changes, with the compartmentalization of the wallet to enable more efficient and effective delivery, and improve the experience for outside contributions.
  3. The team will increase dev resources to help outside developers with integration and building on top of Beam
  4. Work on Atomic Swap optimisations are taking place, to improve both the execution and user experience for the swaps.
  5. Web Wallet release for testnet coming very soon
  6. Mobile Wallet release for the fork will be released in the coming weeks


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