Barter Trade — Telegram QUIZ & AMA — July 14

Q — Alexandre R from GAINS: Cool stuff. I’ll be very curious to know more about the problems you saw in current exchanges and how you’re fixing them 🙂 Which ties into this next question. What’s Barter Trade and what is the project about in a few simple sentences?

A — Manmeet from Barter Trade: If you go deep inside the exchange market and try to understand it, you will know the bulk of the market is an empty shell. At Least 90% of the platforms are boxes filled with fake volumes, 0 liquidity, and no real products. The market is dominated by clones / replicas of one another. Most of the exchanges don’t even have basic order types such as stop-loss, let alone any real product. Leaving only a handful of exchanges that are real in terms of the user base, liquidity, and volumes but still some of them lack actual products that benefit users.

Barter Trade is not just another crypto exchange. It is much more. It is a complete ecosystem for traders. Barter Trade is an Easy, Smart, Social, and Gamified way to trade cryptocurrencies. We pride ourselves on becoming the people’s exchange. For us, this means a dedicated focus on 3 pillars: Security, transparency, and efficiency.

“Barter Trade, an Easy, Smart, Social, and Gamified way to trade and spend Crypto. But why?

Easy: Simple, aesthetic UI. First of its kind order types that make trading hassle-free (Barter trade Pie). Trading’s never been this easy.

Smart: Automated trading via Barter trade’s algo feature. Set up your technical indicators script on an easy to use interface and let the bot trade for you.

Social: Trade, Learn, and Earn alongside your fellow traders. Copy other successful traders or monetize your own trading strategies if you are a good trader yourself. No need to follow a paid group leader anymore. Follow people that really trade.

Gamified: Participate in tournaments organized at Barter Trade’s Battlegrounds and get a chance to win big prizes. You would trade anyway, why not trade while playing in a tournament?

Check out this recent expose of a Top 50 exchange by our team member and Coinmarket cap appreciated it and promised to take action. The crypto space is filled with such projects. This is the situation in the top 50 exchanges, imagine what else lies below and beyond.

Indoex casually offering wash trading accounts

We offered to list our token on Indoex exchange, a top 50 on CMC. They openly offered us a wash trading account after listing so that we can create fake volumes for our token. Coinmarketcap was kind enough to appreciate it but unfortunately did not take any action against them and that exchange still stands in the top 50.

I will now explain some of our features that make our exchange EASY, SMART, SOCIAL, and Gamified.

  1. Social trading:

Social trading is a unique way to Trade, Learn, and Earn alongside your fellow traders. One aspect of social trading is copy trading. Copy-trading allows you to copy other successful traders or monetize your own trading strategies if you are a good trader yourself. No need to follow a paid group leader anymore. Follow people that really trade. Choose your trader based on a number of metrics i.e. Profitability, Max losses, Account Life, Pool balance, No. of followers, Trade history, Traders fee, Account’s Risk score thus reducing the risk of the following someone substantially, highlighting transparency and helping people make better decisions based on real-time market and performance data.

2. Algo trading:

Barter Trade’s Algo trading will be a class apart. Although we will be introducing custom creation of algo bots based on tech indicators, our highlight will be our scalable AI-based Algo trading which is far beyond the usual third party bots services or the Algo/scripts that are built based on technical indicators. Here is some detailed explanation of our Algo platform — powered by Flourishing Capital AI.

How Flourishing Capital AI works

— Blockchain analysis, Multi-exchange order book analysis, Technical analysis, Statistical anomaly analysis, Stable coin arbitrage, and Overall supply and demand analysis are weighted dynamically to drive Flourishing Capital AI market cashflow opinion

— Return Boosting Intelligences: upon a bullish market determination, the AI will purchase BTC and other crypto investments gaining against Bitcoin to multiply gains. Flourishing Capital AI also supports futures trading analysis and stop-gap measures determined by the investor

— Capital preservation intelligence: on a bearish market opinion, the AI will gracefully exit from exposed positions into fiat pegged or market-making positions dynamically, preventing mass position exit market drops. When possible, Flourishing Capital AI will also purchase 1/Bitcoin and leveraged ETPs, and arbitrage coins

— Neutral Market Intelligence: Flourishing Capital AI gracefully enters a balanced Bitcoin to Fiat Position (50–50 or investor determined), enabling a shift in an advantageous position while limiting losses. When an opportunity to flip altcoins exists, the AI will scale in and out of position to maximize risk-adjusted gains.

— All purchases and sales are split up into many small orders with laddering calculated using an AI-driven statistical model that controls for risk and likelihood of order fill.

The AI is smart and scalable. It is not a basic trading bot where you inject tech indicators. The AI takes into account 100’s of metrics, Blockchain analysis, Multi-exchange order book analysis, Technical analysis, Statistical anomaly analysis, Stable coin arbitrage, and Overall supply, demand analysis etc.

A — Will | Flourishing Capital: The bot started as a private fund originally trading my own capital, it has been live since late 2018. It has executed about 25,000 orders in just my account in 2019. For the past year, its average balance gain/month has been 6%.

It varies based on the market conditions but it is not as volatile as just holding BTC would be. There have been 1057 versions over this timeframe learning/adjusting to the markets so looking forward we anticipate better performance than historically

This is a graph of account balance growth in BTC and USDT value over time. Of interest was in March 2020 how it preserved USDT capital during the BTC crash.

A — Manmeet from Barter Trade:

3. Our most unique PIE order

Owing to time constraints, today’s traders are unable to conduct intensive market analysis. Whether it is executing a buy order at a ‘bottomish’ price or a sell order at an expected top, traders often suffer losses and miss out on making potentially profitable trades due to high volatility in the crypto markets. Barter Trade PIE is an advanced market order for cryptocurrency traders which provides a solution for various unavoidable situations. The PIE algorithm allows users to place sell orders for their pending buy orders along with an option to put a stop loss to your buy, whilst the stop loss provides you with an option to either limit stop loss or trail your stop loss. Traditionally it is impossible to place the sell order unless your buy order has been executed because the most the market provides you is an OCO, which is one-cancels-the-other allowing users with the option to place 2 orders at the same time and not more but, the PIE algorithm solves this problem, by allowing users to place simultaneous buy, sell and stop-loss orders for a particular trade in a single go.

4. Barter Trade SAF aka Smart Assets Fund

Barter Trade’s SAF is an individual managed tokenized Fund Market consisting of one or a number of cryptocurrencies. In simple words, SAF is similar to mutual funds but built on the concept of tokenization. A SAF trader is a Portfolio manager with whom other users can invest their cryptocurrencies. SAF provides users with little-to-no experience an opportunity to trade alongside highly professional traders. Every fund listed on the SAF market is tokenized and reflects as a token on the SAF markets. Barter Trade SAF’s is highly unique and advanced as compared to traditional markets, a user never directly invests in a SAF and loses hold of his assets at any time but instead, he/she follows a SAF which would be based on a number metrics i.e. Type of assets, Past performance, Experience of the trader, etc. This gives the user power of exiting the SAF at any preferred time. The SAF market will be highly sophisticated where our system will analyze the real-time data and performance of the market and the performance of the FUND will reflect on the graphical chart. Every listed SAF would reflect the current portfolio, past performance, the number of followers, and general information of the trader i.e. Social profiles, experience, etc.

SAF’s market will leverage traders in making smart decisions while choosing where and when to invest. We all know that the crypto community is filled with noise and scams of paid groups. Every other person with zero to no TA or FA knowledge claims to be a crypto guru. SAF would widely help reduce that noise and bring stability to the overall sentiment of the crypto traders because the users will be following a SAF based on real-time performance data which will reflect on the trading chart. Additionally, SAF hugely benefits the portfolio managers and adds a lot of value to their trading.

Q — Twitter user @KathDM3: You pride yourselves in being the people’s exchange. As an exchange, do you focus on professionals or do you also focus on beginners? Do you consider your platform to be user friendly with beginners?

A — Anurag from Barter Trade: Yes, we are a People’s Exchange. We are solely driven by our desire to serve the community and make this novel, powerful technology accessible and available to everyone, and not just to those select few who happen to have the knowledge and know-how of the technology. We want to make using our product a very simple, frictionless, and delightful experience. Importantly, we want to make using our Exchange so easy and simple that not just you and me but even our grandmothers can easily use it. That’s the vision that wakes us up every morning.

We are building and coming into the market with products that are professional yet so simple that it makes trading incredibly easy for beginners or novice traders. Have a look at our whitepaper for a deeper dive.

Q — Twitter user @EndtimeProphet2: What is the utility of your native token $BRT? Also, what special features do you have or plan to implement that keeps you ahead of your competitors?

A — Manmeet from Barter Trade: Barter Trade’s BRT is the backbone of our ecosystem. Every feature on our platform is strongly connected to the utility use of our BRT token. BRT Token will have a wide range of use cases in our platform. A few of them are mentioned below.

Some of the basic use cases-

  1. BRT can be used to pay fees on the Barter Trade platform and a discount of 40% can be availed on the trading fees.
  2. Up to 100% off or Zero trading fee for big BRT holders. The threshold to avail this offer is to hold 300k BRT for 100%, 200k for 80%, 100k for 65% locked up for at least 1 month with a maximum account balance of 100k USD. Beyond this balance, there will be fee charges with respect to the Liquidity on the platform. These conditions are respected to change with the change in token’s price and the liquidity on the platform.
  3. BRT will be utilized in the voting events related to listings or any other activity that is community-based.
  4. BRT will be utilized to pay any type of fee on Barter Trade’s platform.
  5. Exclusive rewards, airdrops, and bounty events for BRT holders.
  6. Future integrations with traditional merchants/partners are in the pipeline.

Some Exclusive product based use cases-

  1. Social trading: BRT will be utilized to pay the fee/commission of the master traders. Lock up 800 BRT or 15$ worth at current price to avail social trading services. It unlocks after a month and requires a Lock up renewal every month.
  2. Algo trading: BRT will be used to pay subscription fees for all kinds of Bots on the Algo platform. Be it following custom made bots by traders or exclusive advanced AI bots built by Barter Trade — — Powered by Flourishing capital AI. The subscription fees will range from 5–50$ in BRT.
  3. Battlegrounds: Exclusive, high rewarding tournaments for BRT holders. Prioritizing Battleground events rewards in BRT wherever possible.
  4. Early access to Barter Trade’s advanced features for BRT holders.

There are and will be a lot more use cases that add to BRT’s utility in the future as we continue to progress and build our products.

Q — Twitter user @PhanQuangDuy6: Many blockchain projects are on paper only and don’t have any product or have a product with no practical use case. Please let us know what is Barter’s current practical product in use? What are your plans for the product to be better in the future?

A — Manmeet from Barter Trade: We’ve been working on Barter Trade for the past 18 months. Completely self-funded (roughly 400k). We could have done an ICO in late 2017 or early 2018 but we didn’t because we faced and suffered on the hands of many projects that scammed people and disappeared into thin air with millions of $$$. We started this project in mid-2018 with an aim and vision that we will develop our project on our own money and then go into the market with a product that is not just a paper. Once achieved, then go for fundraising in order to expand, improve, and innovate the project further. Some people might say that why risk so much without any surety. Well, that’s that, there is no real answer to it but hey, we have reached our soft cap within the first 5 days of our sale and we are 70% sold out till now. We are not selling a paper during our token sale but instead, we have a product. We call it an MVP but it is a full product for many exchanges. A launch ready Spot trading and Algo trading platform with some of the unique Order types. Since we have a lot of features in the pipeline, therefore, we call it an MVP.

To the third part of your questions: We have a lot of features in the pipeline that we are currently working on which will add a lot of value to our product. These features include Battlegrounds, EazyPay, Social trading, SAF, in addition to our current Algo trading — powered by Flourishing capital and a lot more. These all combined will make the trading experience a lot better and easier for the users.

More in the pipeline…

Q — Telegram user rokgg hahah: Do I need to pass KYC to enjoy all the awesome features and facilities of Barter Trade?

A — Manmeet from Barter Trade: You will have a limit of non KYC account with up to 1 BTC volume.

Q — Telegram user Irina: What Unique services does Barter Trade offer that are not traditionally seen in other digital asset exchanges? Can you kindly explain how ALGO TRADING works?

A — Will | Flourishing Capital: Algo trading is a high-end bot that automatically manages your portfolio when you use it, it knows when to trade alts, when to buy/sell BTC and maintain a balanced portfolio. It uses things like AI, blockchain analysis, multi-exchange order book analysis, stochastic price analysis, and a bunch of other things you won’t find in conventional bots.

Q — Telegram user Lokin: When a bot from the AI algorithm is programmed to make a buy order, can it be canceled or modified after it is posted?

A — Will | Flourishing Capital: In regards to the bot, you will be able to cancel the order/trade and sell coins as a graceful trade exit, immediately sell or keep the coins and just have the bot stop managing it. In the future, we are looking into the possibility to tell the bot that you have (x) altcoin and you want to have it gain more of those coins as well if you want to accumulate a specific coin.

Q — Telegram user Aluta Continua Victoria Ascerta: Kindly explain more about your BarterTrade’s Algo trading — powered by Flourishing CapitalAI. How secure and robust is your ALGO trading system

Will | Flourishing Capital: It has been live trading since late 2018. Flourishing Capital was self-funded with my own money and has been living trading my money since then and has collected more private investors since then. The bot is robust as it has been hardened by live trading a large private fund across multiple exchanges already we have ironed out many issues since 2018.


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