Auctus Liquidity Incentives & DeFi Roadmap

Vinicius Melo

Today we are excited to announce our first incentive program for AUC/USDC & AUC/ETH liquidity on Balancer. In this first program, Auctus will incentivise liquidity providers with 28,000 AUC of rewards per week, this is in addition to BAL rewards and trading fees.

To learn more about the rewards and how to start earning BAL & AUC by becoming a liquidity provider, access:

Since the launch of ACO, our on-chain options protocol, many investors and users are interested in participating in the future governance of the options protocol, and increasing liquidity is essential to facilitate the entry of new holders and more holders translate into a more decentralized governance structure.

We are extremely excited to announce that several strategic investors throughout the Asia Pacific region have purchased large quantities of AUC but wish to remain undisclosed at this time. Having them on board will be an essential key to help Auctus’ growth across key Asian markets. Also, the capital raised will allow us to invest more in development and marketing.

Our team is passionate about DeFi and we believe that options will be one of the most important DeFi money lego blocks. Options are among the most flexible financial tools and combined with DeFi composability expands it to infinite possibilities. Just to exemplify, once there is enough liquidity, anyone could create structured products and endless strategies using Balancer smart pools and options.

Currently, our on-chain options protocol is being audited by Open Zeppelin, a leading blockchain infrastructure security firm responsible for performing security audits that power multimillion-dollar protocols like Compound & DyDx. Once our protocol is fully audited, we will start designing an incentive program for the options protocol (Option Liquidity Mining).

After this, we will start expanding features on top of the protocol, below you can find what we are planning but we are always open for ideas from the community. If you want to contribute to the future of decentralized options and DeFi, join us in Discord!

Next months:

For the long-term, we will also explore:

We thank our community for all the support that keeps us motivated to work hard and become one of the leading DeFi projects.


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