Æternity: The Development Of Æternity Stablecoin, Waellet v0.5.1

Hello to all æternists! The project continues to operate properly, even during such stressful times of COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the events were postponed, some were turned into virtual ones, but nothing immensely shuts down. The work is ongoing! The development side of the project is æxceptionally vivid. The team continues to upgrade, enhance, and contribute. Recently, the development has started on the æternity Stablecoin with the underlying idea to have a token that represents 1 USD. DAI will back the stablecoin, so they can use the whole MakerDAO infrastructure and expand it to be compatible with the æternity network. The progress is accurately shared in the Forum thread — check it to get acquainted with this wonderful idea. Furthermore, the documentation on æternity’s Sophia was moved to a new location in order to keep the docs and the compiler in sync. Apart from this, wællet v0.5.1 was released, introducing æx2 support, bugfixes, .chain names feature updates and performance upgrades.

æmbassadors organized some events before mass events’ cancellations and rescheduling. Among them was Stephen Sunday, educating the next generation of æternity Sophia developers at the University of Jos, Nigeria. Another fantastic performance was given by Manel Ruiz, who introduced æternity’s oracles during Barcelona Tech Spirit, the event created as a response to the cancellation of the World Mobile Congress of Barcelona. Ugandan æmbassador, Kabeterein Rodgers, held a successful meetup at Bishop Stuart University, where students learned all on aeternity blockchain, Sophia, oracles, and state channels. More event-related news can be found in the update.

The level of engagement of the community in social networks, along with activity on the Forum, is pretty high. It was just a sneak peek for today — see You in two weeks right here! Stay sæfe!


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