[Action Required] We’re moving to DIP4 soon.


Hello everyone!

All the tests of DIP4 have passed! Thank you for your wait.

We announce how we are going to move to DIP4.

What is DIP4?

We have DIP—Dev Improvement Proposals — and DIP4 makes staking easier. You will no longer need to calculate your rewards and you will see them in real-time. (Per block of ethereum) Most importantly, you will not need more mining after the release of DIP4. This also means you won’t be able to mine after the release.

Release date: Monday, June 29th, UTC 6 am (3 pm JST)

Important Notice: You can withdraw your current rewards after DIP4 as well. But, you cannot withdraw the amount that has not been mined.

Action Required: So, to receive the full reward, please do your final mining before the release. We’’ll pause the protocol during the process, so it might not be possible to transact for 30 minutes to an hour before that.

No problem if not mining. After DIP4, the rewards keep increasing again.

This is a quick announcement to tell you the release!

Best regards. 🥨


What do you think?


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