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The following roadmap is from my original piece titled, Phase Transitions Of My Friend Moe ‘The Bitcoin Hater.’

You can read the full article here:

In the article, I walk the reader through 5 phases a regular person goes through to understand Bitcoin and eventually buy into the asset. At the end, I offer this roadmap for continued education.

The 5 phases on a high level

Transitions happen based on education levels

I have received a lot of feedback from the article about it being too long. In light of this, I am going to break down each phase 1 by 1 in their own separate article.

For the sake of clarity and for new readers, I used a fictional character named ‘Moe’ to represent all the Bitcoin haters out there.

So when you see the name Moe, I am referring to all the people that have debated me, argued with me, and eventually, sought to learn more so they could invest.

Moe comes in all shapes and sizes and from different family backgrounds. I talk to Moe’s all the time and they all have gone through all 5 phases above against Bitcoin.

However, Moe’s journey doesn’t stop at just buying some BTC.

There is so much to learn and discover about the space. For me, I skipped the first 4 phases and just bought some. I had to go through these phases after. I had to scrap my current view of the world, the economics I learned in college, the ideas I had around Wall Street, and my belief about our government. Everything had to be thrown out the window and a new canvas had to be painted. I can help you through the first 5 transitions but the rest is up to you. No one is looking out for you and your finances. Once you realize this, you’re one step closer to escaping the unfair, bureaucratic game, and closer to increased cash flow and creative freedom.

The beauty of my original paper is that no one told me to write it. Nobody is paying me to organize my research and help beginners. No company, no organization is giving me a brand deal. Bitcoin has thousands of employees with no salary. We are all doing this to push humanity forward. Bitcoin and its potential impact are why I am writing this.

Before I offer up my roadmap for continued education, this whole paper relies upon the perceived notion of your government and how much you trust them when it comes to money. I don’t see a world of total anarchy. The government is not evil and they do have, for the most part, good intentions. However, my intuition suggests, our government is unaware of the lessons of financial history.

Moe, the fictional character of this paper, is named after my grandfather who was a World War II veteran and Marine. Point being, I have tremendous respect for parts of our government which help in the protection of life and property. I owe immense gratitude to anyone fighting for our great nation.

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If you believe in everything your government is doing and firmly believe they have their best interest in you, then you probably haven’t made it this far if I am being honest with myself. You don’t have to agree with me. I welcome your criticism and counter-arguments! That is how we learn as humans. I will do my best to admit I am wrong.

Digressing, I hope this paper has provided you with some knowledge to help you through the 5 phase transitions. I look forward to this paper opening your mind up to a new world where you are a sovereign individual back in control of your future. The fight between the digital and physical world is here. Place your bets wisely.

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I will end with this roadmap with a tweet by Nathan Latka:

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